Coaching Packages

“If you are capable of living deeply one moment of your life, you can learn to live the same way all the other moments of your life.”

-Thich Nhat Hanh-

Coaching Details


Coaching packages are designed around your specific needs.

Sessions will last anywhere from 45- 60 minutes and the frequency of your sessions can be individually decided. (usually at a minimum, every 2 weeks)
Available days and times can be decided together.
The following packages are available and will include your choice of 2, 6, or 12 sessions. (I offer discounted rates for more than 1 session.)

Personal Coaching

Coaching will give you the tools, support, and structure to accomplish more. It’s a partnership between you and your coach that inspires and supports you to be and to do greater things. Coaching holds the belief that everyone has the answers within themselves, they just need help in accessing and identifying them.

A coaching session involves asking you thought provoking questions until you come to the answer yourself. Ultimately, you are the expert of your life. It’s up to you to reflect upon the questions to move forward. Coaching can be a very powerful and effective intervention when you are stuck or need clarity. It also helps for keeping you focused, supports you in taking action and encourages you to be accountable.

Educator/Parenting Coaching & Mentoring

With my strong background and expertise in the field of early years education I have trained many teachers over the years, and I have conducted many parenting skills training sessions.

With this in mind I have decided to offer a coaching package specifically for the needs of teachers and parents.

This package will involve a 45min coaching session followed by a 15 min mentoring session.In our “mentoring” time I will be able to share wisdom, knowledge and guidance based on my many years of experience in meeting the needs of young children.

(Please understand that mentoring is a different intervention from coaching.)

Some examples of areas that we can explore together (for both teachers & parents) may include:

  • Being over-whelmed, exhausted, stressed
  • Improving work-life-home balance
  • Prioritizing self-care
  • Finding peace amid in a “potentially” hectic school / home environment
  • Staying organized
  • Self-awareness in your role as a teacher / parent
  • Setting healthy boundaries to cope with being overworked / being an effective parent
  • Maximizing your strengths to become a better teacher/parent
  • Develop stronger family connections & communication (parents)

*Prior to the start of us establishing a coaching relationship, I will offer an intake session to determine if coaching is the right intervention for your needs.

Tweens & Young Adults

(12 to 18years)

I’ve decided to include tweens and young adults in my coaching practice as I understand this age frame can be challenging from a developmental perspective. Based on my past experience engaging with tweens and young adults I come with empathy, patience, and perspective in what they are dealing with. I have always had the ability, or we can call it a “gift” to make connections and to establish rapport, quickly and easily with children, tweens, and young adults. Coaching offers this group the time and space to connect their inner and outer worlds and to understand their place within it.

Often, young children are more comfortable sharing their experiences with someone outside of their home, outside of their circle. They respond well to interesting role models who are not their parents.

Understand that coaching is not counseling. Counseling is about the past – coaching is about the future. (Therapy is the right intervention for addressing trauma and mental health concerns).

Some areas that coaching can support with this age group:

  • Understanding responsibility & accountability
  • Developing better routines and habits
  • Becoming better organized
  • Develop critical thinking skills (to help prepare them for interacting in the world on their own one day)
  • Manage stress & anxiety
  • Develop motivation
  • Become self-confident
  • Unpack body issues
  • Improve relationships & social connections
  • Establish routines & structures
  • Improve organizational skills, time management, study skills
  • Goal setting abilities
  • Improve focus, memory, general wellbeing
  • Incorporate mindfulness practice
  • Become more disciplined
  • Raise self-awareness
  • Foster reflective thinking

*For this age group, prior to coaching, I will offer a 30-minute Intro Call with the parent(s) to determine if coaching is a suitable intervention for your child’s needs.

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